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Main Door Energy Duo - 9 Abundance Coins & Prosperity Bells For Main Door

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9 Abundance Coins

The set of Nine Emperor coins is auspicious in Chinese culture and Feng Shui because nine is the number signifying the wholeness of the universe, and the unity between heaven and earth.

Prosperity Bells For Main Door


  • Bells hung on your main entrance door will encourage good fortune to enter.
  • Tie them on the outside or inside the door knob. The sound of the bells heralds prosperity and good news. When the bell releases a sound through movement, it releases blockages of energy in our minds and in any space. It's very much like a wake-up call when the sound breaks through anything that is blocking energy from flowing freely. This works in your body and your spirit bringing a sense of peace into tense situations or moments in your life.
  • Feng Shui bells feature different symbolism to help with different types of situations. Once the sound is released, the symbol is activated. This is why it is recommended that you hang a Feng Shui bell from your main (or mostly used) entrance so that it is constantly making sound and clearing the space.
  • The most sought after symbols include prosperity, abundance, and protection, and when rung, these prominent symbols are put into action.

How to use

For 9 Abundance Coins
- All coins in this set of nine are moulded out of brass; this fine metal is said to induce a state of prosperity, due to their potent Metal element energy.
- Place it inside the main door to keep the wealth intact and refrain it from draining.
- The coins have a certain spiritual magnetic capacity
that will draw the moderately flowing Qui towards itself.

For Prosperity Bells
- Hang them on your entrance or your door knob to
invite prosperity.


For 9 Abundance Coins
- Weight - 15-20 GMS (Approx)

Prosperity Bells
- Weight- 40-50 gms


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