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Money Magnet Duo - Laughing Buddha for Wealth & Protection & Protection & Wealth Amulet

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Laughing Buddha for Wealth & Protection
  • A beautiful Laughing Buddha surrounded by a Dragon symbolizes protection of wealth and finance.
  • Considered as a symbol of protection, this is one of the most auspicious symbol to keep in your office or near your locker.
  • Bringing desired career opportunities and new ventures for business, it increases one’s good luck and protects any unnecessary expenditure from taking place.
  • As per Feng Shui, A dragon is a powerful protection symbol from negativity and financial drainage.
  • While improving your relationship with money, it will make you wise about your expenditure and help you protect it as well.
Protection & Wealth Amulet
  • This star amulet protects your Wealth, luck and your Good Name, so you never get harmed by loss of prosperity or by harmful gossip, slander and office politics. These negative vibes cannot affect you and in fact it will transform into great good fortune instead.
  • Those who keep this amulet near the body will cause whatever that is negatively aimed at you to reverse back to its source. Thus all politicking and bad intentions aimed at you will boomerang to where it came from.
  • It is also believed to be a potent wealth-attracting amulet - bringing you money-making proposals and ideas your way. Businessmen will especially benefit from having this amulet nearby. You can hang it on your bag, use it as a keychain or hang it in your car.

How to use

For Laughing Buddha for Wealth -
Placing this gorgeous Laughing Buddha in your office will bring you newness and plentitude of wealth and protect you from any financial damage.

Wealth Amulet -
Carrying the Amulet is said to manifests an abundance of success luck, growth and vitality for you. Look forward to good fortune with this lovely Feng Shui Keychain.


-Laughing Buddha for Wealth & Protection
Weight : 440 ( Approx. )

- Wealth Amulet
Weight: 24 g ( approx.)

- Total Weight of Duo - 500-530 Gms


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